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>> Jacqueline Wilson Creative Prize

Jacqueline Wilson Creative Prize

Jacqueline Wilson Creative Prize

Write a story about an 'unlikely friendship' and you could get to meet author Jacqueline Wilson, as well as winning a host of other prizes in the Jacqueline Wilson Creative Prize 2018.

The competition is open to those aged seven to 12 years and will close on 14th September - so you have the whole summer to plan and write your story.

One lucky winner will have their story published in a Jacqueline Wilson book! They'll also receive £100's worth of WH Smith Vouchers, a year's subscription to First News, a book bundle for their school library and get to meet Jacqueline herself.

500 runners up will also get their names published in the same Jacqueline Wilson novel.

All you need to do is write a story between 750 and 1000 words about an Unlikely Friendship using the first line below, written by Jacqueline Wilson:

'I'd wanted to find a special friend ever since I came here. However, I never thought I'd find such an amazing one! ...'

The story must be something that you've made-up and not be about anyone or anything real.

Find out how to send in your entry online, or by post, via the link below:

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